Sustainable Furniture – Changing our perspective

The furniture manufacturing industry has gone full circle in terms of global trends. Keeping up with these trends isn’t for the faint hearted since it involves importing items from manufacturers who ‘produce for the world’. While some may ask, what really is the greater impact when directly involved in such a race? What is the impact to the economy? What is the impact to the environment? Aside from a happy customer, what other impact has been created?

In the interest of growing the economy in which we live in, and in line with the circular economy model and the SDGs, importing furniture to keep up with trends is definitely not sustainable. And wait, who creates the trends? Isn’t it accurate that the power is in our hands?

One of the greatest challenges in the furniture industry is the kind of textile and wood that are needed for upholstery and the framing of some furniture pieces.

Being a third world country, Kenya receives tons of second-hand cloths daily. Some of these cloths are really  only meant for the west, as were a tropical country.

Corduroy for example is a very warm textile to wear, nonetheless, it lands here in thousands of pieces daily. It doesn’t sell as fast as, say chiffon, but we have found great use for it!

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While some of our furniture is great as is, we believe in up cycling which enables us to extend the life the existing furniture, while creating a fresh look and function for it.

Fabric preparation and joining

These final pieces were displayed at the UNEA 4 Assembly. They are stunning. We love them, and we know we have just started a revolution!